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About Us

Core technical team

Hua Ping: engaged in high-frequency R & D for 25 years, is a member of the national wood vacuum drying standards revision group, Northeast Forestry University public project team members, the National Association of forest machine.

Zhang Jianhua: a very high frequency of theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, is the country's top high-frequency experts;

Guo Naixiang: Senior Engineer, has a wealth of design experience in the field of woodworking machinery, the company is the main designer make-up machine, machine and machine frame group.

Chen Kaihong: engineer, engaged in high-frequency 20 years. It is the main designer of the appearance of the high frequency cabinet, the double deck board machine, the new six point precision frame.

Yang Sheng: the main programming designer of high frequency equipment automation.

Wang Jun: Senior Engineer, specializing in pressure vessel design for 30 years.