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Huas Jiyuan High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as the Shijiazhuang Development Zone Jiyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise. Founded in 1993, under the Shijiazhuang city of the era of high frequency equipment Co., Ltd., in 2005 was elected as the director of the China Forestry Machinery Association, is the only one of the high-frequency woodworking industry governing units. In 2009 to invest in the construction of the new standard workshop covers an area of 50 acres in Hebei Langfang Chaobai River Industrial Zone, the registered company name "Hebei China's era of high frequency equipment Co. Ltd." and has been put into production use, in 2012 became the Chinese forestry industry era Machinery Association, executive director of the Quan Guomu wood drying unit is one of the Specialized Committee, the revised wood vacuum drying equipment the industry standard cooperation unit.

Our products are exported to Europe, North America, Africa, West Asia, South Asia and other more than and 40 countries and regions.

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In 1994, the high-frequency heating technology was applied to wood furniture industry for the first time by Jiyuan;

2002 took the lead in the same industry through the ISO9000 quality system certification;

Since 2004, became a member of China Forestry Machinery Association;

2006 first past the national level detection of high frequency radiation standards;

2007 pioneered the use of high frequency technology in wood drying precedent;

In 2008, the first new utility patent of wood drying was obtained;

In 2009 the introduction of high frequency equipment automation HMI operating system;

2014-2016 in August, 4 consecutive utility patents and an invention patent;

2016 was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of Wood Drying.

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